These books offer a new synthesis of ancient history and religion, by bridging the gap between the archaeology of ancient Iraq and the biblical account of Genesis in a revolutionary new way.

The author shows how the mysterious inhabitants of ancient Iraq, called the Sumerians, established the world's first organized religion, which was a direct fore-runner of the Judeo-Christian Faith. He places the biblical accounts of the Creation, Fall, Flood, and Tower of Babel in their historical context in ancient Mesopotamia, and identifies the origins of the biblical Trinity in the ancient Sumerian pantheon. Finally, he explores the manner of God's first revelations to mankind, and the meaning of the lost secrets of the Garden of Eden.

On a Faraway Day provides detailed background to these ideas, with full citation of references, whereas Pagan Trinity Holy Trinity provides a shorter and more accessible account for the casual reader. Both books are illustrated with many line drawings of ancient artefacts, along with maps and historical tables.